The Petrified Wood Gallery of Ubud Indonesia

The Legacy of Stone, The Heart of Home

“Petrified Elegance,” exploring the fascinating world of petrified wood furniture, visit our gallery.

Art Gallery — Overview

Our showroom is dedicated to showcasing our magnificent collection of Indonesian Petrified Wood furniture, a material with a storied history stretching back over 25 million years.

The petrified wood art gallery is set to redefine cultural landscape.

Enhancing infrastructure and accessibility, features an exquisite collection of rare and beautiful Indonesian Petrified Wood furniture, renowned globally among discerning interior designers.

At our workshop, we are dedicated to crafting bespoke Petrified Wood furniture, each piece a testament to the timeless allure of this fossilized wood. Our artisans, equipped with exceptional skills and contemporary crafting methods, focus on producing designs that range from modern to avant-garde, all while preserving the inherent, raw elegance of Petrified Wood.

Our partnerships extend to renowned home decor brands, elite interior design experts, and forefront architectural companies. Together, we strive to deliver luxurious and aesthetically pleasing home decor and furniture items that stand out globally. The splendor and sophistication of our Petrified Wood furniture are accessible to connoisseurs worldwide.