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Petrified Wood Coffee Table: A stunning focal point for any seating area, this coffee table combines the elegance of petrified wood with a modern design, ideal for contemporary and classic interiors alike.

Petrified Wood Accent Table: This smaller table serves as an exquisite decorative element, showcasing the detailed beauty of petrified wood in a compact form.

Petrified Wood End Table: Ideal for placement beside sofas or chairs, this end table offers both functionality and a unique aesthetic with its naturally preserved textures.

Petrified Wood Side Table: A versatile addition to any room, this side table displays the natural patterns of petrified wood, making each piece a unique art form.

Petrified Wood Cocktail Table: Crafted for elegance, this cocktail table brings an air of sophistication to any gathering, with its smooth finish and distinct petrified wood patterns.